A new world!

We lost all our previous blog entries due to a hard drive crash! That will teach us to backup our things next time! Sorry! We start this blog again with our welcome note to QB.

NOTE – you can add your own quotes and bookmark your favourites by registering for QB.
Welcome to QB


  1. cr2009 wrote:

    Thanks for such a wonderfull idea…. is there any way to edit the tags on the quotes I’v added to my quotebook…. like, for my purposes, some of the adversity quotations I would label with also poverty

    or would this also rearrange/ double up them appearing withing the public tags area?

  2. Trea Reesey wrote:

    Here’s one I want to become famous for…
    “The surest way to ruin my good opinion of a man is to label him a good businessman. Business is in no way fosters goodness.”
    Trea Reesey

  3. Amit wrote:

    We’re working on tag editing, hope to have it up soon – no exact dates I’m afraid as yet

  4. svkrishna wrote:

    simply wise,lovely,excellent&thought provoking.

  5. Alfie Danny Chinombo wrote:

    This is the kind of site i have been looking for all this time…inspiration is great and regeneration is all i need…

  6. Donald H Blum wrote:

    Amit’s creation is a spark of genius resonating a latency to express ones’ dormant thoughts… my inclusions have found a home… Thank you Amit

  7. bro'Ken de Peana wrote:

    Words and thoughts can be and so inspiring and uplifting. And when we add action, it can be powerful. Good site, thanks

  8. shelley hartley wrote:

    This a welcome site in a world where so many run from kindness into sullen and bitter ends.

  9. Adebanjo wrote:

    Infact this site has really been my inspirational site since the day i knew it.just keep it up.Thank you.

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